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Also, she derided the infusion of Critical Race Theory in schools and companies, saying it is wrong to teach that one’s skin color predetermines one to be either an oppressor or the oppressed. “It’s Marxist,” she said. “It’s socialist. It is created by people who want to foster hate and division.”

Burn, Murder, Loot are Marxists. Did you read their manifesto? Anybody who supports those domestic terrorists need locking up;

Alveda King is a icon in the civil rights movement, it’s unfortunate that so many liberals are manipulated by cultural Marxism and it’s ideology that is destroying this country from within and intentionally from globalist oligarchs who fund this movement;


The leftist will now call her a white supremacist. Why, because they don’t like anyone with an opposite viewpoint, no matter the color? It is not a racism, it is actually about a power grab and money: Followers’ Comments.


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