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This man is not OK. Someone get Joe Biden some help.

WTH?? It looks like angry-baby fists. This man just keeps getting more and more demented and is being exploited by his wife and the opportunists and psychopaths around him. This is the supposed leader of America. . . . . stolen elections have consequences and sometimes they look as absurd this;

It is called ‘hyper self-awareness’. It is a symptom of extreme anxiety, it can be caused by obsessive ruminating, the feeling of having no self-control, or believing you are being controlled by an external force, which in china joes case makes sense;


He does this all the time: “Hair touching forehead, ears, or neck” besides since he took office he has had that cough;

My grandpa use to do that when he was shitting his diapers too. Not cool Dan. Lol: Followers’ Comments.


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