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The Stew Peters Show is tracking the Aussie Aboriginal abomination, and we are dedicated to exposing what’s happening to FREE CIT IZENS in Australia. Stew Peters shows a video of a tribe begging for help, and challenged “influencers”, professional athletes, celebrities, and lawmakers to act, IMMEDIATELY to save Aboriginals from tyranny.


Dear God this is horrible! Biden won’t send the military in to help. He wants to do this to us! I will be praying for them 🙏;

We all better realize that if they are allowed to get away with this then we are all next;

There is no debate about this DNA-altering poison.IT’S A BIOWEAPON.PERIOD;

Gives me the chills! Lord Heavenly Father, save us all from the evil men looking to destroy and devour your children 🙏: Followers’ Comments.


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