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She’s a hero.

How can Anyone hate you? You’re Brilliant and Beautiful!;

Right?! I wish she and DeSantis would run. If only SHE were our first African American lady VP.if only….I love Candace :));

I’m in Australia and we need help. Keep praying for us our government has turned totally evil and life has become a living nightmare. Candace is spot on;

Yours is not the only government that’s has turned completely evil it’s worldwide and won’t be stopped by a few good politicians it needs all of us to stand up and kick them out;


Fear is power. Power is control. Control is communism. Communism is a cancer of the human spirit. The antidote is faith. Faith in ourselves and faith in our fellow mankind. Before we can have faith in ourselves and our fellows we must have faith in God. The root of our problems: Followers’ Comments.


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