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From The Tribune staff reports BIRMINGHAM — An arrest was made in a shooting that killed one person and injured another person on Friday, April 29, at approximately 10:55 p.m. Dmarcco Montez Harris According to the Birmingham Police Department (BPD), Dmarcco Montez Harris…

Bro you might have a chance at Self defense..but that video is kinda stretching it;

seems like the order is done TBH….This niqqa just racked up 2 life sentences anyway so he is good as dead;

That wording right there let’s you know that a person is guilty until proven innocent;


Whoever put that hit out better have his receipt, cause that boy wasn’t playing.. SALUTE;

Just with reading the headline, I already knew it was blac people. Smh;

Instead of calling the police this negro going to jail cus he wanna post the shiiii and brag about it first;

We don’t know, friends will be friends , right?;

Just stop hanging around nqq3rs. After 30 years of age, there’s no such thing as friends: Viewers’ Comments.


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