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What a total loser.

Big baby bully. I’m sick of hearing his name. Let’s cancel him;

Freedom of speech is not acceptable when the leftist doesn’t agree with what you are saying apparently. Seems there would be legal remedies for being kicked out of the arena for speaking. Many others are yelling, kicking them all out. If I were those people I would say I am not leaving or demand an instant refund for the cost incurred;

For real??? Lebron can’t stand a little heckling? It would be interesting to know what was said. And he wants to call out Kyle for crying. What a d*ckhead;


Just shows to go ya, all the money in the world can’t buy you a personality! Lebron, you were a shit person in Cleveland… you’re a shit person now!;

This is from a guy who supports Chinese Concentration camps. I wish the Chinese would harvest his organs…: Followers’ Comments.

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