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 “The people running the Democrat party have lost their minds”

NOTHING is good about the demoncrats policy….ABSOLUTELY NOTHING…..their very existence is to destroy America, our Freedom & our Constitution. They cultivate & promote hate, crime, destruction & division. The demoncrat party is a vile evil cult that hates God. Everything they do is to benefit themselves and destroy humanity. Why would anyone want to be a democrat?;

The Obsidian Regime are intentionally destroying America for The Great Reset/One World Order Agenda;

Why don’t you report on the election fraud case coming to the Supreme Court?;


I want this bumper sticker B.I.D.E.N. biggest/idiot/democrats/ever/nominated;

I don’t understand why people are continually trying to figure out what makes the parasites tick. They don’t care what we think and continue moving forward with their sick plans. Instead, maybe folks should start collaborating to figure out how the next steps to change the destructive course humanity is on…: Followers’ Comments.

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