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He’s a role model for all leadership.

Thank God for DeSantis for being a pioneer through this dark time of MEDICAL APARTHEID AND POLITICAL APARTHEID;

Anybody like DeSantis that OKs the use of Ivermectin, HCQ & Regeneron gets my vote for Presidency!;

Florida is awesome hope he stays as representative and Democrat or Rhino gets in there it will turn into a cesspool. Nancy Pelosi bought a 25million oceanfront property there people need to tell her to get out! she and her party can stay in their own man made cesspool in California!;


As mobile as the world is nowadays, travel restrictions, etc are useless. By the time you realize there is something going around, it’s already all over. Stop the madness;

Lockdowns and masks are for Democrat plantations. They cling to their mandates and restrictions like the government can solve all their problems. Sucks to live in the Blue-S-S-R where kids are getting dumber and stores lose their inventory daily to the “new normal”: Followers’ Comments.

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