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The latest Covid-19 variant they’re using to justify permanent lockdowns is the omicron variant. Of course, after omicron will come some other variant, and then another, for as long as the government feels like controlling our lives. You know where this is leading: They want universal vaccine mandates, for everyone, from infancy to the nursing home. They want forcible injections for toddlers, for grade-schoolers, for pregnant women, and mandatory boosters even for those who had severe reactions to the first shot. And they will keep at this no matter what the side effects are because they simply deny that side effects even exist.


This is the first time I’ve seen a reference to hydrogen peroxide but can’t read it. I’ve brought it up to Dr. Jane but no comment. Anyway, I’ve been taking 35% food-grade hydrogen peroxide for 12 years. It oxygenates cells and cancer doesn’t like oxygen;

It must be food-grade hydrogen peroxide, not what you buy in the drug store. Can be used in a nebulizer;

How do you take it? Do you use a nebulizer? Sorry, I’m very curious, and sounds like something I would be interested in: Followers’ Comments.

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