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She didn’t like this question.

he never ever said to inject bleach. She is such a lying piece of crap;

Anyone who saw Trump talking about bleach should know it was a joke. Do these people not fact-check anything? Notice every time Psaki is asked about Biden she always refers back to Trump. “Oh, the previous administration” or “the former president did this”. This whole administration is odious;

It wasn’t a joke. He was talking about intravenous peroxide therapy which is actual medical treatment. He specifically said disinfectant when referring to peroxide which is a true statement;

DOOCY!!! Why do you keep asking open-ended questions when you know her response is just to talk shit?;


Twisting Trump’s words and spreading more misinformation again Peppermint Patty!;

Trump never told people to inject bleach. The media did. He was referring to an experimental form of treatment. He cut through all the red tape (warp speed) to get the vaccines ready in record time. The same vaccines that Biden/Harris said they’d never take (if Trump made them) and that they’re now claiming all the credit for. lying sacks of crap, the lot of them!: Followers’ Comments.

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