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A new variant doesn’t exactly sound like Biden is shutting it down.

What a pos scumbag just like the rest of this fake administration. They can take that vax to shove it up to their ass. Bye, 80% of the country isn’t vaxxed. And the vaxxed are causing the variants 🖕🖕🖕🖕 Brandon;

You nailed it 100% wish I could be in that fake newsroom she run away crying like the Lil reject she really is;

Peter is the red-headed witches worst nightmare he always makes her lie her ass off;

They already said they want you to lose your job if you don’t comply. They have already said they want you to lose your ability to engage in our society if you do not submit. They have said it should be a crime to even question them. The only thing left is for them to tell us to get on the trains;


You aren’t working on it. You’re working on trying to get more power. Do not comply. Do not listen to this piece of shit: Followers’ Comments.

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