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Gutfeld: Jussie Smollett couldn’t act his way out of this one.

Juicy didn’t fake a hate crime – he committed a hate crime. Gotta love the relabeling;

If “hate” crimes get worse punishment for pointing out a specific motive. By the same logic, a faked “hate” crime should demand a far more severe punishment than the “hate” crime should;

If he doesn’t get prison time , for once that is an actual legitimate reason for people to actually riot . For true justice;

He should be charged for a Hate crime… And he should apologize to all Americans for the trifling mess that he created;


People should be outraged about this…nothing is funny about this!!!! This wasn’t just filing a false police report. There should be a separate charge for this and he should go to jail. A slap on the wrist isn’t enough. Not only the financial resources that was used for his false claim, but it could have caused a massive civil unrest and lives could have been lost. It is just sickening: Followers’ Comments.

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