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So she wasn’t kidding she really did (try) meaning if she know that it was painful it was some type of percentage up there meaning she did it.

Females can kill innocent children and nobody gets mad right! Meanwhile, if you leave a KNOT on her head you are bad as a person. Life is different in this new age!;

Beastiality, i know I spelled that wrong why tf would i know how tp spell that word;

Where the pigskin inbred albino cave monkeys at comment about this I blame it on her grandpa uncles & dad touching her since birth;

That’s code for when they have girls night or sleepovers they discuss the weirdest ish they’ve done, that’s all;

Lmfao nobody I mean nobody is shocked that a white female has had sex with at least one animal..on another not never pick up a teenage girls magic marker your fingers may get pink eye;


She said for legal purposes so it had to be an animal bigger than a dog or a dog you crackers are nasty af;

They show these videos about a girl stuffing something in her backdoor, but they remove my comment for saying the word “idiot “. Something doesn’t add up here;

Not one man should feel some type of way if a batch turns him down or something like this, while you’re aware these hos are absolutely trashed out here like this. 2 girls 1 cup type batches: Viewers’ Comments.


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