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Fire (and investigate) Fauci.

Nuremberg trial for doctor mass murder.

I’ll believe this when it occurs. As long as McCarthy is in charge, the lower house is going to be just like it was when Paul Ryan as Speaker;

You Damn well Better do more than investigate Fauchi. The GOP better grow a pair and act like the Founding Fathers who were Strong Men, and stand up for The Constitution Of The United States of America, and actually DO SOMETHING! Not just a feckless 5-year half-ass investigation, Take Action! Swift action.

We all need to pray to God the Republicans completely mop the floor with the Democrats come election time. If we do manage to take back the house and senate, we need to do some serious cleaning house and open up a ton of investigations. Praying we win more than just a simple majority!!!!;


“It’s about power and control.” masked kids, allowing the vid vaxed infected to work. Davo reset. Commie globalists. We’re with you Jim Jordan. Fauci killing people by blocking treatment: Followers’ Comments.


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