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How insane do you have to be to put healthcare workers out of work?

Yea! I’m a nurse against the jab. I hope this is a wave now for the Country against an unconstitutional mandate;

About time, finally, a judge who thinks with his own mind who’s not in the pockets of anti-American values. Look at Florida’s lowest Wuhan virus cases per volume of people;

We have many states that need to the same ruling. The democrat blue states are in a free fall and better get it together before they are totally destroyed. we have a Supreme Court that is refusing to do their job;


Ha, Ha, Biden. So much for your “Lame Vaccine Mandate”! Not Sorry, but, I won’t be getting any of your vaccines, Period! Shove them up to your A$$, make sure you take the protector off first too, I want it to hurt!;

There is only one Virus? And it’s greed! Humans, who think like these murdering scumbags, Fauci, Scientists, Gates, Clinton’s, Politicians, Soros, etc all should meet their demise? A rope: Followers’ Comments.

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