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Former White House press secretary compares how the media treated her during Trump administration to the media’s questions to Psaki on ‘Sunday Night in America

Red isn’t even getting softballs, she’s getting Nerf ball questions. Kayleigh and Sarah had to be fully prepared and wouldn’t have gotten away with “circle back” BS. I can’t wait to read Kayleigh’s book!;

I truly miss seeing her take on the press with such class;

Love Kayleigh, outstanding role model and human being. She can go anywhere with her head held high, unlike so many others in her line of work. We are lucky to have had here there in the White House;


Kayleigh McEnany is the real deal, they took so many cheap shots at her and were NEVER able to disprove what she reported, they just made stuff up…good for her, God was always with her: Followers’ Commnets.

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