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The only way to fix the 2020 election is for people to rise up and march on DC by the millions and boot these Marxist globalists out of our country!;

Thank you 🇺🇸 Mike Lindell, dominion need to be eradicated like the criminal disease it is.—F.J.B.;

Mike is a True Patriot. Keep Fighting the Good Fight Brother. 80 plus million have your Back!!! 🇺🇸👑👌;

Fox is owned by Vanguard and Blackrock. Same as Amazon, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Comcast, Nvidia, Microsoft, Apple, AT&T, Netflix, Dominion Voting Systems…;


I just literally wrote this. But only you and I are talking about it. It’s crazy how people aren’t putting this stuff together;

You have to pick and choose because there are idiots on both sides. Get rid of lifetime politicians and get some term limits: Followers’ Comments.

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