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Sounds to me like there is a group of people that have been deployed to keep all patriots and veterans at bay…. Whatever happened to the spirit of 1776?? Where men got together and took care of a tyrannical regime…. We are literally trying to water the tree of liberty with our keyboards…. I spent 10 yrs. In the army and I am embarrassed at how we are so passively letting our nation be destroyed…. We know that the supreme court isn’t going to side with the people… that has already been shown to be the fact… if we don’t get this situated and stop the tyranny then our fate is sealed… regardless make sure your eternity is sealed through the heavenly father…. Bow down and humbly ask for forgiveness and you show him you love him by keeping his commandments!!;


I agree, where is our spit & vigor? Getting people to send a few e-mails to government officials is like pulling teeth. They must not know the gravity of what is going on, but they will start caring when Joe Biden starts putting people in concentration camps, or will they?;

God bless you Mike for being so brave to fight for the United States of America..and frankly for the whole world!!!!!: Followers’ Comments.


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