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Dr. Ariyana Love returns to the Stew Peters Show to expose her findings in the Moderna Vaccine patents, confirming the La Quinta graphene oxide study and the Globalist’s plan to install nano-censors in every human body that they can.

There is NO legitimate medical/pharmaceutical reason for graphene, graphene oxide, graphene hydroxide, or any other graphene variant to be in these injections. The FACT that all of them ARE in these injections says EVERYTHING about the TRUE intentions behind these Death Shots! Arrest Fraudci and EVERYONE else associated with this massive CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY. STOP ALL COVID INJECTIONS AND FLU INJECTIONS NOW!;


I am an RN. I did get one PCR test, but no VA((1ne. I have a microscope. I found nanotechnology, hydrogel, parasites, and graphene in me, my daughter, and two of my granddaughters. My daughter & two of my granddaughters did not have the va((1ne, and did not have PCR tests… but the one thing all of us have done is wear one of those surgical masks… however, I have also found that it is on the needles of the pine trees: Followers’ Comments.


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