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…The whole government was in on it, top to bottom, Trump was about to return the country to its citizens, and that is anathema to the government, ever-growing, suffocating liberty and freedom for those outsides of the swamp…;

Peter is telling us something new?😂😂😂
She has been committing treason for years and nobody will stop her or anyone else that commits treason for that matter;

This is the first time someone who worked in the Trump administration said it out loud. They are challenging the Biden regime to prove them wrong!;

President Trump has the right to take back this country NOW. He never conceded and has the military behind him. Milly, Pelosi, Clinton’s, Soros, Obama, Bush, and the list goes on and on should be court marshaled and put in the brig for the rest of their pitiful lives. Amen;


Everyone calm down because I have a feeling our real President is coming to the rescue along with the right Generals to take back this country before Pelosi can destroy this country he loves. Say your prayers people it’s coming. God is good. Evil has no place in this world. Amen: Followers’ Comments.

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