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 “If Your Mother or Sister Were Getting Raped in Those Camps Would You Still Say This?” – NBA Player Enes Kanter Freedom Destroys Disgusting NBA Owner Over Uyghur Comments

The irony is he and his family fled the civil war and death to come here and not care. This is why we should close borders;

That is why we should send some back where they came from or worse areas of the world;

God is watching! I care! Americans care! God Bless the Uyghur people! You are not forgotten!;

he’s a disgusting p.o.s. this guy shouldn’t own anything. now we know why the NBA is going to sh*t!!! THIS GUY THAT OWNS IT IS CAUSING IT!!;


Another rich bastard who doesn’t care about people only money and power. you know he’s a democrat, sick;

Americans don’t have to support the NBA.. this is enough. Time to find something better to do. Warp thinking.. and they’re being paid to be a sellout, what do ya call that?!!!!!: Followers’ Comments.


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