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A new COVID variant in some parts of the world is raising concerns about vaccine effectiveness.

Lol, 😂 Genocide variant is called the New World Order. The only real virus threat in the world currently ;

The only variants we see are Biden, Harris, Trudeau, UK & Johnson these are the viruses infecting us all. They must go. The best thing that could happen is if a few bombs were accidentally dropped over the big pharmaceutical manufacturing plants where they make these death jabs, that would be a shame, wouldn’t it? Eliminate them and we get back to normal. That easy;


NO! Most Americans are not ” starting to question” Biden. Most Americans KNOW that Biden & Fauci are LIARS and the Covid-19 vaccines are completely ineffective at anything but killing people!;

The “Covid 19” and all of its subsequent variants were resistant to the vaccine. Based on all the data I’ve seen lately, you’re considerably more susceptible to getting Covid and/its variants if you HAVE HAD the vaccine: Followers’ Comments.

COVID Vaccine

FLASHBACK: Dems Speak Out Against “Trump Vaccine” – Refuse to Take It




What a difference a change in administration makes.

Their tone quickly changed when their pockets started getting lined by Pfizer and Moderna;

Hypocrites, liars. and downright evil;

Call your senators! Call your representatives! Run for local offices! Join a local club! Educate yourself (Frank Gaffney, Mark Lavin, Bongino, etc..) and NEVER let a leftist define a narrative; call them on their lies and have defined your narrative. Make them play your game. Get busy;


I will not trust a bunch of sexual predators who stole an election;

Has Brandon seen this? Does He realize he is enforcing a mandate for Trump’s vaccine? Weird;

Another good reason not to take the “Biden” vaccine, I’ll stick with science and natural immunity !: Followers’ Comments.

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