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Have her take Joe with her!!;

There’s nothing to her .. only there because of gender and color;

I would like to think that all of Demento Joe’s circus of freaks are on the way out, one way or another;

I hope nobody is getting excited. They’re up to something and we aren’t going to like it;

Harris never was in. She along with Shit show Joe was appointed and not elected by a majority of any type. Both are not qualified for their job and it shows by their incompetent actions and decisions. These two clowns will go down in the history books and the worst so-called president and VP in the history of this country. Both have failed the people and the country. Both are embarrassing to most of the people of this country and the world;


I read she is an anchor baby and can’t be President her parents are not American citizens that would be unconstitutional: Followers’ Comments.


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