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A new deadline. Frustration over clashes between Democrats in Congress. And optimism that President Joe Biden’s plan, backed by so-called progressive members, will ultimately succeed.

That’s what unfolded on Saturday, hours after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) canceled a vote on the bipartisan infrastructure package that the Senate passed over a month ago.

“Everybody is frustrated,” Biden told reporters outside the White House before departing for Wilmington, Delaware for the weekend.

Pelosi and Biden are trying to hammer out an agreement with the Congressional Progressive Caucus, a 96-strong group that’s holding firm on its insistence that it will tank the infrastructure bill if moderates don’t first help pass a budget package that comes in at $3.5 trillion.

Moderates, including two key senators, are upset that the bills have been tied together and many have so far refused to commit to supporting the budget bill.

Republicans are divided on the infrastructure legislation. Nineteen GOP senators helped Democrats pass it in August. Some Republican representatives have signaled they’ll vote for it. But without the progressives, the bill won’t pass. And Republicans unanimously oppose the budget bill. Democrats plan to use a process called reconciliation to ram it through with zero GOP votes, but that requires support from Sens. Kyrsten Sinema (D-Ariz.) and Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.)—support that’s not there right now.

Democrats enjoy a majority in both legislative chambers, but hold only eight more seats than Republicans in the House and have no votes to spare in the 50-50 Senate, where Vice President Kamala Harris can break ties in her role as president of the body.

Democrat leaders have been trying—and failing—to align enough members on reconciliation, attempting to use the infrastructure package as leverage.

Fractures have become more apparent in the party. Rep. Josh Gottheimer (D-N.J.) penned a lengthy statement Friday hitting Pelosi for her second delay on the infrastructure vote after promising she’d bring it before the House before Sept. 27. Pelosi allies circulated posts on social media responding to the statement, including one that noted the progressive bloc is much larger than Gottheimer’s bipartisan Problem Solvers Caucus.

Sinema released a rare public statement Saturday expressing disappointment in the continued delay. She helped craft the bipartisan agreement and her desire to see the House approve it has driven “good-faith negotiations” on the reconciliation package even as she and Manchin have balked at the mammoth price tag.

“Good-faith negotiations, however, require trust. Over the course of this year, Democratic leaders have made conflicting promises that could not all be kept—and have, at times, pretended that differences of opinion within our party did not exist, even when those disagreements were repeatedly made clear directly and publicly,” she wrote. “Canceling the infrastructure vote further erodes that trust.”

About an hour earlier, Pelosi penned a separate note sent to Democrat colleagues in the House, setting a new deadline for the vote. She said they must pass the infrastructure bill before Oct. 31, that she would not allow a vote on the infrastructure bill because it would have failed, and that “we will and must pass both bills soon.”


“Negotiations will continue now, with more time for decisions, legislative language, Senate parliamentarian review and public awareness,” she wrote.

Biden told reporters Friday that the bills could pass in six days or six weeks. “It doesn’t matter. We’re going to get it done,” he said.

Biden was speaking on Capitol Hill, where he traveled to apply pressure in person on lawmakers who want to pass the infrastructure bill and tackle the budget package separately. That aligns him with the progressive bloc and Pelosi and her allies, who tried downplaying the disagreements within the caucus.

“I think right now the Democratic caucus is 97 or 98 percent unified. There might be some further agreements that need to be made with certain senators who have reservations but I’m seeing extraordinary consensus across the Democratic caucus. This has been a very positive process,” Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-Md.), who is close to Pelosi, told reporters after meeting with Biden on Friday.

Manchin has called the idea of approving another $3.5 trillion “insane” and Sinema has repeatedly said she won’t vote for that much money in a budget package. Biden told Democrats that the top line may have to be lowered to around $2 trillion to garner enough votes.

Rep. Tom Malinowski (D-N.J.) said that Democrats are united behind wanting to support the president, even if they have different ideas on how to do that. “But you know, we’ve got to—we can’t have five different generals here either,” he told reporters.

Republicans say the refusal to vote on infrastructure without tying it to the larger package shows progressives are dictating the Democrat agenda.

“The infrastructure bill is held hostage,” Sen. Bill Hagerty (R-Tenn.) wrote on Twitter.

Biden admitted as much in Washington, appearing to confirm lawmakers’ accounts of what he told them behind closed doors.

“I am a realist. I’ve been—I was a senator a long time. I know how legislation gets done. There is no reason why both these bills couldn’t pass independently except that there are not the votes to do it that way. It’s a simple proposition,” he said.

Summing up frustration with Manchin and Sinema, he added: “We can bring the moderates and progressives together very easy if we had two more votes. Two. Two people.”

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Joe Biden

Hannity: Biden planning aid to Taliban as the economy tanks, Americans show disapproval with anti-Joe chants




The advent of the ‘Let’s go Brandon’ chant at Talladega is the latest way Americans are showing outrage at the White House

‘Hannity’ host highlights the crises the Biden administration faces

President Biden and his administration are planning to send American taxpayer money to Afghanistan as the economy continues to tank back home with record inflation, gas prices rising, and supply-chain chaos, Sean Hannity said Tuesday during his opening monologue – adding that many Americans are beginning to publicly show their frustration with the White House.

The U.S. has agreed to provide humanitarian aid to a Afghanistan, which is on the brink of an economic disaster, while at the same time refusing to give political recognition to the country’s new Taliban government, the Taliban said Sunday. State Department spokesman Ned Price called the discussions with the extremist regime “candid and professional”. The Biden team stated, however that the talks in Qatar over the weekend should not be seen as a signal of a forthcoming formal recognition of the Taliban government in Kabul.

Hannity noted Biden has now gone 40 days without mentioning the American citizens still stranded behind Taliban lines in Afghanistan, despite his planned expenditures of taxpayer funds to that country.

“The Biden administration is planning to send more money to the Taliban. They’re calling it humanitarian aid, but in reality, where I grew up, that looks an awful lot like a massive ransom payment to terrorists.”

Afghanistan, he said, is only one of the long list of things Biden has touched that “becomes an unmitigated disaster.”


The American people are taking notice, he added, pointing to an incident last week following a NASCAR race at Talladega Superspeedway in Lincoln, Ala., where the crowd yelled anti-Biden slogans.

NBC Sports reporter Kelli Stavast was interviewing race winner Brandon Brown amid thundering chants of “F— Joe Biden” from the stands. Stavast stated at one point that the crowd was actually shouting “Let’s go Brandon.”

Since then, “Let’s go Brandon” chants have become an anti-Biden meme and have erupted in several sporting events and large gatherings across the country like in East Rutherford, New Jersey at a New York Jets game.

“Let’s go Brandon is a new favorite among Americans,” he said. “You, the American people, have every reason to be angry at Joe Biden.”

“He is failing this country around every turn and you are paying the price,” the host added. “Inflation is now costing families $175 per month or $2,100 more per year — “compliments of Joe Biden,” Hannity said.

He noted that Biden’s administration also appears more invested in a “green” agenda than the economic impact of their policies on everyday working class Americans.

“At the center of our current economic crisis is a clueless president experiencing steep cognitive decline,” he said, pointing to Biden ending his workday as early as 3 p.m. on Tuesday.

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‘Playing hardball’: Biden plans massive new fines for businesses violating vax mandate: watchdog




Under $3.5 trillion reconciliation bill, businesses not complying with Biden OSHA vaccine mandate would be subject to fines ranging from $70,000 to $700,000, according to

Tucked inside the $3.5 trillion budget reconciliation bill that passed out of the House Budget Committee are exorbitant new fines — ranging from $70,000 to $700,000 — that would apply to companies defying President Joe Biden’s COVID vaccine mandate, alleges Adam Andrzejewski, CEO/founder of 

If the provisions of the bill are implemented, the fines could bankrupt all non-compliant companies, warns the government spending watchdog.

“Buried on page 168 of the House Democrats’ 2,465-page mega bill is a tenfold increase in fines for employers that ‘willfully,’ ‘repeatedly,’ or even seriously violate a section of labor law that deals with hazards, death, or serious physical harm to their employees,” Andrzejewski writes in Forbes.

Last month, Biden announced by executive fiat that all private-sector businesses with 100 or more employees must comply with his most recent vaccine mandate, or pay a potential fine of $14,000 per violation. The order would impact more than 80 million Americans.

Open The Books argues violators would be subject to the drastically steeper new fines in the budget reconciliation bill.

According to the bill markup, Section 21004 of the OSHA Act of 1970 would be amended to increase fines in the Adjustment of Civil Monetary Penalties section. The changes made by the Democrat-controlled committee would increase the maximum penalty to $700,000 for willful and repeat violations; increase the minimum penalty to $50,000 for willful violations; and increase the maximum penalty for both serious and failure-to-abate violations to $70,000.

A senior House Democratic aide denied the stiffened penalties are targeted specifically at vaccine mandate non-compliance. Noting the fines fall under the jurisdiction of the House Committee on Education and Labor, the aide argued the provisions are related to labor law enforcement more broadly.

The fines were “marked up in committee and are not explicitly related to vaccines — just generally increase the level of fines that OSHA is able to levy when an employer is in violation,” the Democratic aide told Just The News.

The bill markup also amends the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 to increase penalties and fines. It increases maximum civil penalties to: 

  • $132,270 for child labor violations;
  • $601,150 for child labor violations that cause the death or serious injury of an employee under the age of 18;
  • $20,740 for willful or repeated minimum wage or overtime violations;
  • $11,620 for tip violations. 

It also amends the Migrant and Seasonal Agricultural Worker Protection Act of 1983 to increase the maximum civil penalty for violations of the law to $25,790.

Andrzejewski remains skeptical. “The push to increase the fines up to $700,000 per willful and repeated violation,” he countered, “was the anticipated emergency rule that OSHA will publish in the Federal Register allowing them jurisdiction to enforce Biden’s vax mandate on private companies. Period.”

The House aide “doesn’t deny that the fines would be levied as the enforcement mechanism of the president’s vax mandate,” he added. “That’s because Biden and the Democrats are playing hardball. Comply or face bankruptcy.”


Just The News contacted OSHA to provide clarification on whether enforcement of new fine ceilings will be applied to vax violators, but did not receive a response.

The changes come after Biden issued an ominous warning to the millions of Americans who refuse to get the COVID jabs. “We’ve been patient,” said the president. “But our patience is wearing thin, and your refusal has cost all of us.” 

In June, prior to Biden’s executive order last month, OSHA published an emergency rule in the Federal Register stating it would have jurisdiction over COVID safety enforcement. Invoking the obscure Emergency Temporary Standard provision, the agency claimed the authority to enforce the mandate and impose fines, OpenTheBooks explains. The ETS has been used only 10 times in the agency’s 50-year history, according to an analysis by the nonpartisan Congressional Research Service.

Worse, argues the religious liberty legal aid nonprofit Liberty Counsel, the federal government would be imposing draconian fines on companies for not complying with an illegal mandate. 

Technically, Liberty Counsel contends, the COVID shots are available only under Emergency Use Authorization, which under federal law requires that they only be administered on a voluntarily basis. 

“The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has done a bait and switch by announcing it approved its ‘first COVID-19 vaccine’ in order to push the ‘vaccine’ mandates and protect the Pfizer pharmaceutical company from legal liability,” Liberty Counsel said in August. “However, there is currently no fully licensed COVID shot on the United States market.” 

Even if a fully licensed vaccine was available, it still couldn’t be mandatory, argues Liberty Counsel, because Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act allows for religious exceptions.

“Employees and employers have constitutional protections against this lawless Biden mandate,” the organization’s founder and chairman Mat Staver says, adding that Liberty Counsel will “challenge his lawless executive order.”

In response to threats of lawsuits or Republican governors who have challenged the mandate, Biden said: “Have at it. We’re playing for real here. This isn’t a game.”

But 27 governors or attorneys general have vowed to fight it, including Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis, who has sparred with Biden over mask mandates and vaccine passports.

“When you have a president like Biden issuing unconstitutional edicts against the American people, we have a responsibility to stand up for the Constitution and to fight back, and we are doing that in the state of Florida,” DeSantis said. “This is a president who has acknowledged in the past he does not have the authority to force this on anybody, and this order would result potentially in millions of Americans losing their jobs.”

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Donald Trump

Trump blasts Biden for allowing privileged documents to be turned over to Congress




This sets up a potential legal battle to decide whether the privileged documents eventually get released. 

The White House on Friday blocked a legal attempt by the Trump administration to prevent certain documents from being sent to the House Select Committee on Jan. 6.

Trump responded to the Biden administration’s decision in a statement, saying that this sets a dangerous precedent for future congressional committees to overcome executive privilege.

“This will put the current White House in a terrible position when the inevitable request for information comes concerning the massive corruption by Hunter Biden, and the already well-documented crimes committed by the Biden family,” Trump said in the statement. 


“With our country collapsing, with our Military disgraced, with our borders nonexistent, when will the American people have had enough.” He concluded.

Trump’s statement comes as the House committee investigating the Capitol breach on Jan. 6 requested documents from the White House concerning the event.

According to USA Today, this sets up a potential legal battle to decide whether the privileged documents eventually get released.

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White House: Some Federal Workers With Valid Vaccine Exemptions Could Still Be Fired




White House officials said President Joe Biden’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate for all federal workers and contractors allows for some religious or medical exemptions, but agencies may still fire certain employees where no other safety protocols are enough.

“There may be circumstances in which an agency determines that the nature of an employee’s job responsibilities requires heightened safety protocols if they are provided with a legally required exception,” according to new guidance posted on the federal government’s Safer Federal Workforce Task Force website this week. “In some cases, the nature of the employee’s job may be such that an agency determines that no safety protocol other than vaccination is adequate. In such circumstances, the agency may deny the requested accommodation.”

The task force said that in most cases, unvaccinated employees would have to maintain social distancing, submit to regular testing, and wear masks. But some agencies may require more measures in some cases, depending on the employee’s job.

“Determining whether an exception is legally required will include consideration of factors such as the basis for the claim; the nature of the employee’s job responsibilities; and the reasonably foreseeable effects on the agency’s operations, including protecting other agency employees and the public from COVID-19,” the task force said in the update.

In creating a medical or religious exception, employees have to sign and declare their responses are accurate, according to a sample template provided by the task force.

“Any intentional misrepresentation to the federal government may result in legal consequences, including termination or removal from federal service,” one of the forms read.

For those seeking (pdf) a religious exemption, the form asks employees to say why they are objecting to receiving the COVID-19 vaccine.

“To be eligible for a possible exception, you must first establish that your refusal to be vaccinated is based upon a sincere belief that is religious in nature,” the sample form stated. “A refusal to be vaccinated does not qualify for an exception if it is based upon personal preference, concerns about the possible effects of the vaccine or political opinions.”


White House officials confirmed earlier this month that all executive branch employees and contractors need to be fully vaccinated by Nov. 8 with any of the three vaccines.

In a memo (pdf) released on Oct. 1, the White House’s  Office of Personnel Management (OPM) advised federal workers shouldn’t wait until the last minute to get vaccinated because “other events often interfere with even well-laid plans.”

“Employees who refuse to be vaccinated or provide proof of vaccination are subject to disciplinary measures, up to and including removal or termination from Federal service,” said the letter. “The only exception is for individuals who receive a legally required exception pursuant to established agency processes.”

On Sept. 9, Biden announced sweeping measures targeting the federal government, the health care sector, and private businesses. Meanwhile, a number of Republican-led states and federal workers filed lawsuits against the Biden administration, arguing that his mandate is tantamount to federal overreach.

A group of federal employees filed a lawsuit against Biden in September, arguing that his executive order unfairly affects those of Christian faith. Other plaintiffs argued that the vaccine mandate doesn’t make any mention of “natural immunity” granted by a previous COVID-19 infection.

COVID-19 is the disease caused by the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus.

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Joe Biden

Tulsi Gabbard on Watters’ World




Tulsi Gabbard considers Joe Biden a friend? I knew there was something about her I don’t like.

BIDEN should be whipped for being such a FRAUD – LIAR – ASS KISSER and CON ARTIST!!;

Tulsi wants to disarm the people she needs to be tried for treason alongside the rest of the tyrannical politicians;


Hey, Biden how about you punish those who cross our borders illegally !!! How about that!! If you closed those areas (build that wall) you would not have this issue!! Yes, it’s that easy!!!: Followers’ Comment.

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