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Is she a robot?

She is a hot mess with a very wicked heart. She is malfunctioning and losing control;

I half expected her to stop moving completely and hear the Microsoft Windows reboot jingle..;

I’d like to hear Pelosi and Biden jointly discuss anything. I’ll bet in an hour there wouldn’t be a single coherent statement;

Cruella never actually killed anyone. Skeletor, on the other hand, is responsible for the deaths of thousands;

Yep. Wow! She’s in a sad state as well as Poopy Pants. Couldn’t understand what she was stammering about;


Amen. Drunk, dumb, and evil as hell. Where’d all these sociopaths come from? Everyone in power is a self-centered corrupt Sociopath. It is truly stunning. How’d we elect all these monsters? Voter fraud is the only logical answer. For Gavin too. Fraud recall election: Followers’ Comments.

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