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They can’t politicize it, so they don’t care.

I trust Ted Bundy more than Jen Psaki. I trust a tainted used needle infected with the plague more than Psaki;

You have to have a heart for your heart to go out to anyone;

They just don’t care about anything and don’t care to give a decent civil answer. I pray each and every victim and their family sue this fraudulent administration;

Biden can make inflammatory remarks about Rittenhouse but he can’t show up for families who really need comfort now?;

The truth is Waukesha probably told Biden they don’t want him visiting them. Most people hate Biden. Besides nothing Psaki says can be trusted, so in my opinion, the reporters should sit quietly in the press briefings and ask nothing. When asked why doesn’t someone ask a question, tell her why to ask a question when we only get lies in response;


Beijing Biden doesn’t give a crap about religious parades and since he can’t claim the driver was guilty of white supremacy he has nothing to say: Followers’ Comments.

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