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“He was doing that to win votes.”

Now, THIS is television worth watching!! She is the biggest POS ASSHOLE that I’ve ever seen!!;

I’m putting my vote in for Peter, for a Pulitzer prize that’s actually EARNED !!!;

She is a disgrace and a communist and her party paid protesters to destroy the neighborhood!;

He wasn’t asking about the case he was asking why Biden called him a white supremacist;

Yeah, I don’t know why he didn’t do a follow-up question asking why the president was commenting on an ongoing case in response to her answer;


Biden is a disgrace — Don’t forget that this is the same person who gave the Taliban $85 billion dollars in American military equipment and left thousands of Americans behind, including children, to be hunted by terrorists. Even now, Americans are struggling in Afghanistan just to stay alive day by day: Followers’ Comments.


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