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Rand Paul: Fauci acting like the Medieval Church with ‘I represent science’ declaration

Rand Paul exposes this megalomaniac narcissistic tool for what he is, a pathetic little evil troll;

Just fire Fauci, he does not follow the science;

thank you Rand Paul for exposing this POS;

Rand, you have the evidence to put auci away for the rest of his miserable life and to take away the immunity from liability from these big pharma murderers! We know, because Dr. David Martin made sure that you and every senator in the country had that evidence! As well as MANY Attorney’s General! Now get off your butt, stop doing political theater and get all Attorney’s General in the country to conviegn special grand juries and prosecutors to subpoena all of faucis communications with Peter Dasick and Ralph Barrett/Barrick or however his name is spelled! You have the documents! Now DO something about it!;


The vaccine has nothing to do with covid numbers going down, It has to do with natural humidity as she stated 80 million people have had it. Also now the vaccinated are a synthematic big surprise numbers go down: Followers’ Comments.

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