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We need more people like her. And what a shame to have those people come in and try to enforce a phony mandate is and date for something that now amounts to the common cold for most people. I’m a retired police officer and I cannot believe what some people in authority positions are doing. They should be ashamed of themselves;

they came in and got shut down. if we all had just a fraction of this lady’s balls then the tyranny would end immediately. DO NOT COMPLY!;

Great Job Lady!! get those brown shirts on the road back to the office;


Covid cop in Canada. Pieces of garbage. I love the restaurant owner. God bless her;

Perfect! We salute you from Texas, ma’am! You said all of the exactly right things!;

Do these ‘brownshirts’ even know how stupid they look? Talk about a CULT! Every one of those Covid idiots should burn in Hell for what they are doing to fellow human beings. What a bunch of scumbags.

Excellent job standing up to their bullshit!! Fight back! Stand your ground. the world needs more people willing to do this!!!!: Followers’ Comments.


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