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Media misconduct.

MSNBC should be banned from America! The treasonous act’s against humanity!;

MSNBC is pure Marxist SCUMBAGS only reporting on pro-democrat propaganda;

I have been wondering why these mockingbird fools have not been held accountable for the incredible harm they do. I realize that honest mistakes can be made in the rush to get the breaking news out but they never seem to verify anything and gleefully say and write the most ridiculous garbage with impunity;

They lie, they know that we know they lie, and they do it anyway. They hate our country and want to destroy it at all costs;

They never verify any bit of guff if it’s favorable to their editorial policy while falsely fact-checking each and every scintilla of information that goes against it. Not journalists, not a news organization, these are the lowest form of political propagandists: Followers’ Comments.


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