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No Sidebar today for obvious reasons. Rittenhouse recap;

You two are great. Live watching Rekieta Law with everyone. Pls urge him to Rumble and leave the tube;

the fact that Rittenhouse wasn’t killed or maimed that night is a miracle. He had no assistance during multiple assaults. Lucky to be alive;

If there is another trial can Kyle fire his current defense and hire #TeamRekietaLaw and all 9+ attorneys as a group? We need Kyle free!;


Credit where it’s due. Barnes called it. It was down to jury selection. Since the jury got hung up looking at a blurry shot to find a reason TO convict Rittenhouse, that means those people went in trying to convict, completely opposite their duty. This mistake is directly on the defense team. They had a slam dunk case but blew it on jury selection: Followers’ Comments.


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