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 “If aliens landed tomorrow, and said take me to your leader, it would be embarrassing.”

FJB didn’t “mismanage” these issues. He causes them on purpose;

I love that man. I love watching him grill new nominees for judges. He is that wise old porch dog of a southern lawyer that is so disarming he seems comical… …’til you try and give that old hound dog a kick. That’s when you find out it was all nothing but perception… …and everyone calls you “STUMPY” from that day on…;

The aliens would go to Florida and meet President Trump;

That’s what happens when you install a potato as president;


Thank you, Sir. Love a man that speaks the truth. Let’s go, Brandon;

China has been chosen to be the new superpower. There will be an event manufactured to create a crisis that will change the financial systems of the world. Pay off all of your debts or sign them to whatever globalist structure is put into place. Get ready for the world of you will own nothing and be happy. We stayed asleep far too long: Followers’ Comments.


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