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New evidence has emerged regarding the veracity of the Wuhan lab leak theory – so what effect will affirmation of a government cover-up have on an increasingly mistrustful population?

Arrest Bill Gates for treason and give his money to the injured vaccinated people.

it is truly shocking how easily “free” countries have dropped the concept and LAWS of *informed consent* established after WW2 The Nuremberg Trials were not a one-off event . . . . . . A wide net must be cast to catch all those involved in the takeover attempted by the 2020 *Oligarchical Collectivists* [fascists];

hence the saying history repeats itself that’s why the commy bastards are trying to erase history;


They aren’t even Commies, they are Fascists. The real left-wing kind instead of the imaginary right-wing kind. Fascists are after all simply Commies that love money;

Fauci is the enemy and a very rich one at that. He & his ccp buddies set the whole bat transmission crap up. He’s guilty of treason, espionage, and murder. Imho;

It’s funny watching normies talk about whether we have evidence or proof of something, all the while they’re constantly accepting claims made by the media with ZERO evidence while ALSO ignoring ALL the evidence we’ve ever shown them for everything.

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