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Cruz plays “true or false” with DHS Secretary Mayorkas;

Hit him hard Sen. Cruz. he’s a puppet and a POS;

The problem with these types of hearings is that it’s all bark and no bite. Nothing will come of them. But if you’re a President Trump supporter, a Conservative, Pro 2A, Pro America then you will be found guilty and be arrested with no innocent before proven guilty;

Congress under Trump was too busy trying to remove/impeach Trump so they didn’t work on new comprehensive immigration reform… so Trump had to use Executive Orders, policies, and procedures in order to stem the tide of the massive illegal immigration at our southern border, including finding the money to build the wall, even though it had already been approved during Geo. Bush tenure. Trump didn’t break the immigration system, the Leftist Congress did !!!;


One word….Incompetent. Another word…..Criminal. That sums up all of Obiden’s Administration and puppet masters: Followers’ Comments.


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