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Mr. Science committed a FELONY.

Been hearing this for weeks TED. Get R DUN!;

Exactly, when you identify a problem make a plan to fix the problem. Bring Fauci up on charges since you identified crimes committed. You have the evidence, now take it to the next level. We Americans want to see people held accountable in Washington DC. We were told that “No one is above the law” by the democrats and yet, they continue to break the law and no one seems to have the spine to hold them accountable;


Cruz wants Garland, a known criminal (because he lied to Congress), to investigate and prosecute Fauci for lying to Congress? Well, this should work out fine;

Just the fact that Dr. Mengele Fauchi brought up Jan. 6th tells me he was in on the coup/insurrection…..we ALL know it was planned by most of the Democrats: Followers’ Comments.

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