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Egypt had some studies conducted in 2013 point out that over 99.3% of Egyptians women have been sexually harassed at some point.

For them, those women are aliens who can have sex with anyone just for fun, no marriage, or any family member consent, they are not virgins, and no one cares if they have sex with 10 guys in a night, so they just follow them, just in case any of those chicks have any suddenly urge to have sex, so maybe they could be chosen ones for the night, or… if there is the opportunity, some of them would not doubt to rape them with no remorse, because her consent is something very subjective or aleatory and for a female who can have sex with hundred or thousands of guys during they life, one more or less doesn’t change anything.

Those girls are dumb, that’s why you cover up when your out there. I know that n haven’t even took the trip yet. Only have your eyes showing especially if your a white girl with blonde hair. They had booty shorts on;

Cover up western women think they can dress however they want. This is Muslim county, they’re disgraced they all know it. They have no idea how shameful they view western women;


This is MIDDLE EAST not just Egypt. India is way worse. I remember once I went out the FOB that was in Sinai Egypt, during a security “mission”, a group of dudes snatched up a boy that was found out to of been raped. It was sort of frequent not just boys grabbed up either. The Capt. Of my brigade wouldn’t even fkn let us help because of Geneva rules and the terror level was yellow then so we couldn’t even throw water bottles at cars to GTFO the way;

But rape culture in America is the real problem. Maybe american women need to move Egypt to know what real harrassment is;

White people hate blacks but be quick to say they were the ones who built the pyramids. If that’s the case then this makes sense. Yte genes taking over;

I heard the locals make vacationing to Egypt unenjoyable for everyone. Constantly begging and harassing visitors, scamming.. doing whatever to come up: Viewers’ Comments.


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