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Bumbling Biden is compromised and is a huge risk to the ‘we the people’;

Bigger cover-ups are the stolen election and the fake virus and harmful vaccine. And their march towards an NWO. Come on Dan!;

I knew when I first saw the video. Without a doubt, China is controlling our government and the Bidenpeople are destroying freedom for their love of money. Come on, let’s change this course of action soon certainly before 2022;

Keep your focus on the Ghislaine Maxwells trial.. begins today…heard NO media is allowed…TOO MANY high profile people involved and an extremely sensitive subject…do not pay attention to ANY false flags designed to distract you from the trial!;


You should be asking WHY aren’t the GOP at minimal, raising hell over this? We, peons, are fed up with their lackadaisical behavior;

We can keep on whining as much as we want about Hunter. No one will do a damn thing about it, including RINOs: Followers’ Comments.


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