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The CEO of the American Trucking Associations says 37% of the association’s drivers are rejecting Biden’s vax mandate

Hell, no is right! Truckers time and time again get the short end of the stick despite being the glue that holds everything together;

It is encouraging to see a significant percentage of our nation’s supply chain still have a backbone and common sense;

I really think everyone watching this and reading the comments please stop and think a minute about what is the ulterior motive behind all of this with our government in dark government if they destroy our supply chain I chain and cause inflation and no jobs they can take over the country;


I stand with anyone who doesn’t want to get vaxed 100 percent. I got it; issues in my family…my choice. This entire situation since the election is a psyop designed to initiate command/control. Up is down. Black is green. Criminals aren’t criminals. Stand up, be counted, and don’t back down. Globalists can go to hell: Followers’ Comments.


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