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Kansas Sen. Roger Marshall slams the administration’s economic agenda for causing consumer prices to soar.

Everything Biden does makes Trump look better;

I just can’t get over Biden reading, “end of message “ at Senator Doles funeral🤤 what an embarrassment for our nation;

People going back to work after lock down is NOT job creation;

Cold dark Winter with Biden’s America. Don’t Blame Covid / its All Biden’s FAULT;

The 30% are the people who are still getting a good income. That’ll change soon enough to 20% when they start getting trimmed off their government positions;


Yea I’m feeling this horrible economy badly. Before this for the previous 7 years I’ve been able to invest money & put some in savings, by august I’ve had to stop investing because my paychecks were getting tighter and tighter each time. Over the past two months I’ve had to slowly sell some of my stocks & crypto to help make it by: Viewers’ Comments.


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