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‘Hannity’ host slams Vice President Harris over reports of her incompetence and failure to read important briefings

Calling Harris VP is like saying Bruce Jenner is a hot chick;

These politicians need to be held accountable! People want justice;

If the US-Americans accept this administration going for another 3 years, you will all be toast;

Every time I see them. I just can’t believe they got put in that house. Makes me sick to my stomach;


To think that J.B. addressed “President Trump as a clown…” He is the cruel one but NO ONE IS AMUSED & NO ONE LAUGHS….;

Imagine a day when commercial airline pilots are hired based on color, not qualifications. “Oh my God, we’re gonna crash! The plane is going down.” (The airline company spokesperson, “Sorry our company is woke.”): Followers’ Comments.

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