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The Fox Nation host joined ‘Fox & Friends First’ to discuss the new wave of mask mandates in Democrat-led states, arguing people are done ‘living in fear.’

I’m in Florida and we seem to be getting a lot more of these folks than usual …. Just hope they leave their Voting habits back home..;

My husband began in the 70 to say tell me that California was the state of the freaks laws. I argued with him until 2021 “ he was absolutely right!!;

As a Washington resident, I couldn’t agree more. Masks are gross! It’s crazy to see people drive in a car alone and wearing a mask. They’re afraid of themselves. Nuts!;


I live in Cali and I’m hating it now!!!! We do not have freedom of choice here anymore unless you’re an ILLEGAL immigrant. At this point they have more rights and freedoms than we do as tax paying citizens;

Biden didn’t go to the army Navy game because it would have been the greatest let’s go Brandon chant and then the history of the world. Let’s go Brandon: Followers’ Comments.


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