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Mike LaChance from American Lookout reports, Trump did an interview with Sean Hannity Tuesday night and slammed Biden over problems currently facing the country. While Trump discussed the border, he said all Joe Biden had to do was come into the office and “do nothing” because Trump’s policies worked.

I saw a lady the other day with a Biden harris sticker on her vehicle I pulled up beside her and she was wearing a mask alone in her car I said mam u know someone put a Biden harris sticker on ur car she said yea all snooty I said ok I just wanted to let u know cuz I know its embarrassing riding around with that sticker on ur vehicle!!!!;


At least 80% of Americans knew what Biden would do. Does Trump not realize he won by a landslide? Why is Biden in office??? Who’s job was it to call Marshall Law and prevent these things from happening??? Now we are stuck waiting for the next elections to vote in good people???: Followers’ comments.

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