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A few weeks ago on this program, we told you about the sad saga of Martha and Emmanuel Cortes. Martha has an adult handicapped daughter who is autistic. But one of her sons is the mayor of Battleground, Washington, and is fighting to take away the mother’s guardianship so that he can get the sister forcibly vaccinated.

Now, this very show has been thrust into the battle. A new filing from the guardian ad litem in the case attacks Martha and Emmanuel for appearing on this program, and it vilifies Emmanuel for being a gun owner and claims he is affiliated with “radical” anti-government groups, essentially smearing him as a domestic terrorist.


Absolutely heartbreaking about this Cortez family situation. I hope you can get a good attorney with conviction and backbone to see that the child is safe from this insanity. It’s bad enough she has autism. The Covid police are going after vulnerable people. We The People need to do a Full Court Press and not let up until this madness is over with. GOD GIVE US VICTORY🇺🇸🗽: Follower’ s Comment.

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