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If you tuned in to see the hearing in the Senate Armed Services Committee hearing today – if you didn’t you missed out – you may have been surprised to see Mark Milley sitting there. You remember Milley, he’s the fleshy, hooded-eyed man who is the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. He is also a national disgrace, a living insult to the military he oversees. That’s not an insult. It’s objectively true. And yet somehow — despite the overwhelming evidence that Milley is dishonest, incompetent, partisan and dishonorable — he still has a highly prominent job. That’s the amazing thing. And not only is Mark Milley still employed at the highest level, he is still lying, and doing so with his characteristic relish and enthusiasm. Today, for example, with an entirely straight face, Milley delivered an impassioned monologue about the importance of civilian control over the military. “This country doesn’t want generals figuring out what orders we are going to accept and do, or not. That’s not our job.”



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