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‘Watters’ World’ host Jesse Watters surveys the sorry state of the left, from liberal media to the Biden administration.

I don’t know whats more disgusting, this administration or the people who still support it!!!;

Alec crying was epic. Jussie showed us he is not only a bad actor but a poor director and casting agent. Who hires two very black Nigerians to play MAGA hat-wearing White supremacists?;

The best payback we can do as a country is to come together…cause all they want is us to divide as much as possible;


I wish they’d just tell Biden the world is laughing at him and America hates him and he should resign. LETS GO BRANDON!!!!!!!;

Hard to believe there is still 3 more years of these bumbling fools. Lets go Brandon!🇺🇸: Followers’ Comments.

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