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In Germany, whistleblower Doctor Andreas Noack was attacked and killed for blowing the whistle on the fact that the vaccines for sure contain detectable amounts of Graphene Oxide in. This of course is problematic considering this would be lethal to Humans.
Deanna Lorraine joins us to discuss.

Graphene hydroxide is Graphene attached to a hydroxyl group (OH). Graphene oxide is graphene with a double bond to O (oxygen) only. The Hydroxide version is the one that produces the one atom thick razor blade structure that is damaging if injected into the bloodstream or lymphatic circulation directly, whether intentionally or accidentally. Point is, NEITHER should be injected into ANYONE;


Is not a Graphene oxide magnetic attractant. What if these people go to have an MRI? Do’s that very powerful magnate pull that Graphene oxide out of your body? Through the wat ever thing until it comes out the skin? Before you have an MRI they ask questions, if you have any metal in your body. specifically any very small peace’s: Followers’ Comments.

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