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Winsome Sears educates CNN on vax mandates and the Rittenhouse verdict

Someone in government to look up to;

This Clueless Can’t Cover News (CNN) reporter was not pleased when Sears wouldn’t answer her question as to whether or not she was vaccinated. She also didn’t like it when Sears corrected her when she said “You are encouraging people to get vaccinated” Sears let her know that she is not forcing anyone to get vaccinated, but did ask why is their concern if someone is vaccinated, they are wearing a mask and are 6′ distancing….this is what the CDC, the FDA and lying Falsie says is what makes us safe!! If I’m not vaccinated and someone else is fully vaccinated and they are wearing a mask ….what’s the problem??? If I’m not vaccinated and around someone who is vaccinated ….I CAN get sick from them!!! Why is the hospital so full of people who are fully vaccinated but still have COVID-19???? Falsie and Gates both have admitted that the “vaccines do not stop the transmission of COVID-19” – in layman’s terms….the vaccines do not work after 2 months……but….natural immunity DOES WORK FOR AT LEAST A YEAR!!!!!!!;


I like Winsome Sears! Notice how she was able to get the message out about the missionaries in Haiti at the end? Pretty awesome: Followers’ Comments.


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