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That moment when you ask a question and realize that the person you asked the question of clearly understands the question better than you;

Then she got butt-hurt over it and had to find something to throw herself a mental lifeline, in order to minimize Charlie and make herself feel superior. A pathetic little girl who will be a toy of the Leftists all her life;

Awesome job charlie but her dumbass probably didn’t understand a word you said lol!;

She understood one word.. wokeism lol that’s it and she didn’t even understand that she just thinks of it as a buzzword she is clearly not smart enough to do more than make sandwiches!!!;


The human brain does not fully develop until the mid-twenties. She is a prime example;

That was wonderful Charlie!!! if the nutcase girl was truly brave and supported her woke, she would not dress like a burglar, if she had to worry about clean drinking water or growing her own food, she might not so freely piss on the country that feeds and support her: Follower’ Comments.

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